Blood Pressure Check – September 2016

12-18 September please come and visit our Blood Pressure Check station
in association with :
run by Blood Pressure UK



Blood Pressure UK’s tips to help reduce high blood pressure:

  1. Cut down on salt – Reducing your salt intake it the quickest way to lowe your blood pressure. Don’t add it when cooking or at the table and check food labels – aim to eat less than 6g a day.
  2. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – at least five different portions every day.
  3. Watch your weight – try to reach the right weight for your height.
  4. Exercise regularly – that doesn’t have to mean the gym, how about a regular lunchtime walk? 30 minutes five times a week is ideal. If you are unsure about taking up exercise, ask yor GP.
  5. Drink alcohol in moderation – no more then 3-4 units a day for men and no more than 2-3 units for women (a pin of normal strength beer = 2 units, a medium glass of wine = 2 units).