Compliance with nation opt-out policy.

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How our pharmacy complies with the national data opt-out policy?

What is the opt-out?

Dear Patient

The opt-out system allows you to directly express your opt-out preference about whether health and care organisations can process your personal identifiable information where the only reason (or basis) is Research or planning purposes, e.g. to find ways to improve treatments or using data use to improve the delivery of health services. You can find more information or express your opt-out preference by:

  • visiting the website portal; using the NHS App; or
  • writing by post using the instructions at the website; or by
  • calling the NHS Digital contact centre – 0300 303 5678 (open workdays Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

Your opt-out preference will be honoured by health and care organisations from 31st March 2020.The table below sets out what the opt-out system applies to and how pharmacy

1 Planning and research is the reason for data processing Research / planning – e.g. finding ways to improve treatments and identify causes of and cures for illnesses, or planning to improve and enable the efficient and safe provision of health and care services (identifying patients personally, i.e. not fully anonymised) Applies to opt-out We do not use it for this purpose.
2 Individual’s care & treatment is the reason for data processing E.g. where data is shared between the health and care professionals in a pharmacy and in a GP practice
(identifying patients personally)
Exempt from opt-out Typical pharmacy data flow
3 Legal requirement /public interest /consent is reason for processing E.g. there is a mandatory legal requirement such as a court order, to protect the greater interests of the public or there is explicit consent (identifying patients personally) Exempt from opt-out Typical pharmacy data flow
4 Data is processed but fully anonymised The data shared is fully anonymised
e.g. compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Anonymisation: managing data protection risk code of practice (this does not identify patients personally)
Exempt from opt-out Typical pharmacy data flow