Discover Your Local Pharmacy

Dear Patients/Customers

Do you know what range of services is on offer in our pharmacy?

We provide a wide range of NHS and private services and ensure you can get face-to-face professional healthcare advice without an appointment.

Here are some questions you might never have thought to ask the pharmacy team.

“I’m worried I might have high blood pressure. Can you help me check?”
“Can you tell me about reducing my risk of a heart attack or stroke?”
“I’ve been taking these medicines for years. Are they all still necessary?”
“I am a smoker – can you help me give up?”
“Is there a local self help group for people with my condition?”
“Can I get a flu jab here?”
“Can I talk to someone in private, so we won’t be overheard?”
“I’m having trouble sleeping. What should I do?”
“I would like to talk to someone about my sexual health.”
“I always get colds in the winter. How can I try to prevent it this year?”